February 1st, 2022

when we started launch house, no one would have suspected that a trip to tulum with a group of internet friends would turn into much more than a twitter meme but looking back now, it seemed like an inevitability. Elon’s Razor rings true for launch house - a reality show / tiktok house for startup founders is officially taking a giant step towards building a new institution for the new silicon valley.

we’re excited to announce Launch House’s $12M Series A lead by Andrew Chen from a16z, with participation from 6th Man Ventures, Electric Ant, Michael Ovitz (founder of CAA), Ryan Sean Adams (founder of Bankless), Flybridge Capital, Day One Ventures, Graph Ventures and many members of our community including Gaby Goldberg (investor at TCG Crypto), Matt Alston (cofounder of Bonfire), Kathryn Cross (founder of Anja Health), Sidney Swift (grammy award winner, founder of Chillpill RX) & Liam Horne (cofounder of ETH Global).